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Natural Factors, Вся земля и море, пищевая добавка для дыхательных путей с хреном, 60 кишечнорастворимых таблеток, покры
Natural Factors, Вся земля и море, пищевая добавка для дыхательных путей с хреном, 60 кишечнорастворимых таблеток, покры ##от компании## "Полезный витамин" - ##фото## 1

Natural Factors, Вся земля и море, пищевая добавка для дыхательных путей с хреном, 60 кишечнорастворимых таблеток, покры

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  • Respiratory Support
  • All-Seasn Immune Support
  • Horeseradish, GarlicRich, Vitamin C & Echinamide Echinacea
  • Non GMO
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Purity & Potency Guaranteed
  • Isura
  • Non-GMO
  • Mass Spec
  • Documentation√
  • Lab Tested√

Fresh, raw ingredients from our farms make this bioenergetic formula the Seed of Nutrition

Feel the Difference

Imagine getting the benefits of a whole growing season in one tablet.

The 100% organic‡, non-GMO nutrient-rich plants grown on Natural Factors farms are harvested at their peak and immediately raw processed at our own facilities, using our proprietary EnviroSimplex method to retain the vital bioenergetic vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

We ensure the processing temperature always stay below 118ºF. The end result is raw nutrition from whole plants, capturing all the vibrant energy and goodness of nature.

Even when you grow certified organic non-GMO plants, it's important to verify that there are no GMOs or other contaminants present. We excel at making sure that every possible test has been conducted to ensure you receive the safest, most beneficial product possible.

Pure Food Nutrient-Rich 100% Made, Packaged, and Tested in USA and Canada

At Natural Factors state of the art laboratories, we use mass spectrometry to test for over 400 substances. Mass spectrometry can test at the molecular - even atomic - level, detecting environmental pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, as well as heavy metals and other undesirable substances.

A unique combination of vitamin C and six powerful botanicals including horseradish, organic Echinamide Echinacea, and Farm Fresh Factors - a blend of earth and sea vegetables, cruciferous sprouts, fruits, and herbals. This all-season immune formula offers support for healthy respiratory tract function and overall good health. Each tablet is enteric coated to prevent irritation of the stomach.

‡Certified by Pacific Agricultural Certification Society

Рекомендации по Применению

1 capsule 1-2 times per day or as directed by a health professional.

Другие Ингредиенты

Enteric coating (purified water, ethylcellulose, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid, carbohydrate gum [cellulose], glycerin, sodium alginate, stearic acid, sodium copper chlorophyllin), plant cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, sodium copper chlorophyllin, silica, vegetable lubricant (palm).

Manufactured by Natural Factors to ensure safety and potency in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the FDA and Health Canada.

Contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners, no dairy, starch, sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, animal products, salt, tree nuts, or GMO's. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.


Caution: As with any supplement, consult your health professional before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive, or if you are taking medications, have a medical condition, or anticipate a surgery. Keep out of the reach of children.

Sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken. For freshness, store in a cool, dry place.

naturalfactors Производитель

Информация о Добавках
Serving Size: 1 Enteric-Coated Pure Food Maximizer Tablet
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin A (beta-carotene from algae) (Dunaliella saline) (whole) 5000 IU 100%
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 500 mg 833%
Calcium 28 mg 3%
Sodium 5 mg
Horseradish extract 8:1 (Armoracia rusticana) (root) 187.5 mg **
GarlicRich Garlic Powder (Allium sativum) (bulb) 90 mg **

Echinamide (Echinacea purpurea) extract 6:1 (herb top)

225 mg **

Marshmallow extract 4:1 (Althea officinalis) (root)

12.5 mg **

Fenugreek powder (Trigonella foenum-graecum) (seed)

2 mg **
Farm Fresh Factors
Our Farm Fresh Factors starts with fresh raw plants, processed using our EnviroSimplex method to retain and intensify the total goodness of whole food into rich living food:
Active Vegetables – organic kale (leaf), organic alfalfa (aerial), organic cilantro (leaf), organic parsley (leaf), caper (berry), organic artichoke (leaf), organic black radish (root), barley grass, cayenne pepper (leaf), organic celery (seed), organic beet (root), organic tomato,
Cruciferous Vegetables – wasabi (rhizome) and fresh freeze-dried sprouted broccoli (aerial), organic upland cress (leaf), daikon (root), red radish (root), organic cauliflower (aerial), organic cabbage (leaf), organic arugula (leaf), organic watercress (leaf), sprouted garlic (bulb),
Whole Fruit Ultra Polyphenols – grape, pomegranate, strawberry, organic cranberry, organic blueberry, raspberry, bilberry, organic Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus ebblica), schizandra berry, red orange, organic açai berry,
Herbals and Plants – Theracurmin (curcuma longa) (root), organic decaffeinated green tea (leaf), organic milk thistle (seed), organic ginger (rhizome), organic Echinacea (aerial), marigold (flower), organic dandelion (root), organic oregano (aerial), organic peppermint (aerial), organic spearmint (aerial),
Whole Plant Sea Vegetables – organic spirulina, organic chlorella, red algae (Gigartina skottsbergii), blue green algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), Dunaliella salina, kelp.
116 mg **
**Daily Value not established.
Условия хранения согласно инструкции производителя и приказа Министерства здравоохранения.


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Natural Factors
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